Expert Contract Packaging = Fulfilled Needs

With innovations and stability, Accupac fulfills your liquid, cream, paste and ointment packaging needs. A dedicated packaging engineer and project manager are assigned to every project to handle every detail and to ensure strict regulatory measures are maintained.

There is power in choice, and Accupac offers an exhaustive array of packaging options designed to meet every volume requirement, safety necessity and customized need. Accupac ensures the quality of all the packaging components we receive or procure. We also design custom tooling and equipment for new product development.

Accupac packaging capabilities include:

Wide range of tube-filling equipment with integrated cartoning

  • Production of striped toothpaste!
  • Hot fill product manufacturing and packaging!
  • Filling of products ranging from dentifrice products (toothpaste) to body creams to sun protection factor (SPF) sunscreens
  • Hi-speed, dual-head hot air fillers with custom crimping capability
  • Integrated cartoning or bundling
  • Hot jaw and metal crimp capability

Bottle-filling capability

  • Higher viscosity creams and lotions
  • Medium viscosity lotions and toothpastes
  • Lower viscosity mouth rinses and hand sanitizers
  • Capping, pump-placing, labeling, cartoning and bundling
  • Club store pallet production

High-speed jar-filling

  • Pads with liquid-filling
  • Ointments and heavy creams in jars

Monobloc-filling with automated cap, plug and brush feeding

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Accupac knows it isn't about us, it's about quality. It's about the quality of your products, launch dates, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

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