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Six Key Ingredients to Watch this Year

Formulation is the cultivation of ideas and ingredients to achieve products and efficacy so exemplary, it stands in a league of its own. Formulators can help lead a revolution with revolutionary ingredients, and here are six that will lead the way this year.

The Influencers The Beauty Care Industry is Thriving on a Network of Social Ambassadors

Influencers are social media users who have firsthand knowledge in a particular niche and help to shape the conversation of beauty care online. Their posts cover hair, makeup, fashion, grooming, styling, and overall well-being. Through the memes, photos, and videos they upload across social platforms, these trendsetters amass millions of followers.

Sustainability Trends to Watch for in 2021 Brands are doing More to tackle the most pressing challenges of our industry

Leaders in the beauty and personal care industry have been innovating sustainable practices for decades, constantly reinventing the products they carry and the methods used to produce them. We are embarking on a new era of planet-friendly innovation. One that explores bold ideas and unconventional thinking to help reverse the damage ours and other industries have done over the years.

The New Normal
of Personal Care How the Pandemic Has Fundamentally Changed Our Approach to Beauty Care

The global pandemic has created a behavioral shift that has affected the beauty and personal care industry in profound ways. Having helped to formulate our routines over the decades, brands of all shapes and sizes are working to adapt the old way of doing things to a new world.

Innovating Beauty Care Packaging Six Brands that are leading the charge in package design

The value of innovative design can bring to a brand can be limitless. In an age where ‘unboxing’ videos are tops draws on Instagram and YouTube, a product’s container is no longer a component, but rather a necessary tool for a product launch’s success.

Coronavirus and the Evolution of eCommerce

The Beauty and Personal Care industry has been dramatically affected by the global pandemic, forcing consumers to adjust their purchasing behavior and brands to realign sales strategies. See how the beauty and personal care industry has played a role in the rise of eCommerce and how COVID-19 may affect change in the long term.

The Style Of Man Why Men’s Grooming is Personal Care’s Next Frontier

Men’s grooming is expected to grow to more than $29 billion by 2024, which underscores a major market opportunity for personal care companies. Recognizing this, the industry’s top brands are seriously focusing their energy on this growing demographic.

Personal Care’s Prime Guide to Amazon

Consumer product goods manufacturers big and small are trying to operate within Amazon with strategies that were designed for traditional retail. How some brands are approaching this with ideas that will help off and online sales.