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Your Access to Our Innovation

What will you accomplish with state-of-the-art manufacturing and evolving capabilities? With Accupac as your managed partner, you can find out.

Gain The Competitive Advantage Of Our Capabilities

Some of the world’s largest brands leverage Accupac’s capabilities as a competitive advantage, and so can you. As a cost-efficient extension of your company, we execute the highest level of production quality.

Product Potential

Accupac manufactures, fills, and packages a wide-range of consumer, over-the-counter, and personal care products in a cGMP and FDA-regulated environment using the highest quality ingredients. We specialize in active ingredients and complex formulations.

Personal Care, Beauty Care, Hair Care

  • Liquids,
  • Creams,
  • Lotions,
  • Toothpaste,
  • Whiteners,
  • Mouthwash,
  • Pastes,
  • Ointment,
  • Gels,
  • Rinses,
  • Ingestibles

Complex Products

  • Active ingredients,
  • High alcohol content,
  • High viscosity,
  • Suspension products

Scale Your Supply Chain

Reduce capital costs and focus on supply chain strategy instead of tactics. Accupac enhances your supply chain transparency, control and security with our turn-key operations. We’ll manage inventory, reduce lead times, ensure compliance and communicate every step of the way.

Global Supply Chain Management

  • Our turnkey supply chain management includes raw materials sourcing, microbiological testing, manufacturing, filling, and international shipping.


  • Our tanks are Class I, Division III explosion-proof for high-alcohol and low flashpoint manufacturing. Capable of mixing 30 to 6,000 gallons and a viscosity of up to 1.5 million CPS.

Save With Smarter Filling

When it comes to filling and packaging products, stability and innovation can be complicated and costly. Benefit from Accupac’s specialized experience. We continually invest in technology and equipment to meet your volume, safety, and customization needs.

Filling Capabilities

  • Tubes,
  • Jars,
  • Pumps,
  • Foamers,
  • Die-Cut

All Containers Big and Small

  • We can handle any product or container — high viscosity, hot fill,metal crimp, pump and rotary bottles, and specialized packaging for products big and small.

Feel Secure With On-Site Testing

A Wide-Range of Testing Capabilities

Accupac ensures your products are being manufactured to the highest standards. We perform all testing at our onsite analytical and microbiology labs, which exceed industry standards for precision and compliance. Along with our chemical pre-weigh, validation, and stability operations, our facilities in Mainland and Lakewood are FDA-registered, cGMP-compliant, and validated on a regular basis.

Our lab services provide:

  • Stability Chamber,
  • Stability Management,
  • Validation,
  • Final Testing,
  • Statistical Processing,
  • Quality Controls,
  • Annual product reviews

Don’t Settle for Standard

Quality and compliance is our baseline, but Accupac raises the bar far higher. Partner with us and you’re not settling for standard outsourcing. You’re gaining a tremendous resource – a team of industry leaders. The combined experience and expertise of our project managers, engineers, lab technicians, validators, account managers, and leadership team becomes an extension of your company.

Our Strengths

  • Total Customer Support
  • Customized Manufacturing & Packaging
  • Dual Plant Business Continuity
  • FDA and cGMP Compliant
  • FDA registered and ISO certified
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