We are Makers
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Outsourced Manufacturing

Moving Personal Care Forward

We have the innovation to take your lotion, serum, or shampoo to the next level

Refreshing Market Opportunity

We help brands maintain a flexible source of supply, allowing you to focus on new channels of growth

Brushing Up on Source of Supply

Creating a nimble workflow that adjusts to consumer demand

Wrinkle-Free Product Launches

We have the experience that drives new product development

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At Accupac, we are makers,

specializing in the personal care products that move us. We formulate, make, fill, and test the world’s most trusted brands. Customers rely on our expertise to navigate supply chain workflows and keep product launches on track.

We succeed in all types of skin, oral, and hair care formulations, because we love we do.


We design best-in-class formulations and provide continuous support from lab to launch

Manufacturing & Filling

FDA-certified facilities designed to integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing workflow

Quality Control

In-house microbiology and analytical testing labs fully equipped to ensure brand quality

Leading the Conversation in Industry Trends and Insights

Leading the Conversation in Industry Trends and Insights

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Formulation is the cultivation of ideas and ingredients to achieve products and efficacy so exemplary, it stands in a league of its own. Formulators can help lead a revolution with revolutionary ingredients, and here are six that will lead the way this year.
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We help to build the world’s supply of beauty and personal care products. We work with some of the best names in the industry, using our seasoned experience to build a manufacturing workflow that competes in today’s market.

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