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We create, make, and test some of personal care's greatest products

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Contract Manufacturing

We manufacture, fill, and package personal care and beauty care products for companies around the world. Specializing in product launches, superior quality assurance, and excellent customer service.


Manufacturing & Filling

We source your formulation’s ingredients, map out a production plan, and manufacture a product that is identical in quality to your own plant.

Quality Assurance

Packaging & Shipping

We test for all specifications and safely package for distribution across the globe.

With a commitment to improvement and innovation

Accupac strives to deliver new ideas and insight to our customers. We understand the changing demands of manufacturing and stay ahead of the curve with continuous improvement teams. These highly skilled and experienced employees evaluate our operations and recommend updates in processes, engineering, and equipment.

We have recently implemented the Redzone Production System to monitor our lines for maximum efficiency. This system gives us the insight to track performance, optimize schedules, and identify areas to be improved.

Helping our customers
to be better CPGs

Accupac is committed to being a world-class leader in sustainable contract manufacturing. We continuously optimize all aspects of our business — from project quotes to shipping — through 5S lean management initiatives.

We believe sustainability is the key to our clients’ long term success and pride ourselves in the ability to evolve and adapt.

Our Most Valued Resource Is People

Since Anthony Heck founded the company in 1974, we have believed in a strong, diverse workforce. Our success is a testament to our employee’s experience, hard work, and dedication to our customer.

Experience professional growth and add your talents to our company.

We also strive to create a community within our organization — one that believes in the power of giving back to our communities.

See how we give back