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the Supply
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Care Products

Innovating, manufacturing, and packaging for more than 40 years, we have been trusted by some of the biggest brands to handle their source of supply.

Love What You Do

We take ownership of every project, putting our expertise to work at creating an outssourced workflow that competes in today’s economy.

Right Sized
for Every Occasion

We understand how important a flexible workflow can be in today’s consumer market. Accupac is capable of scaling to meet a brand’s changing goals and demand.

Project Management

Being true partners, we understand the rhythyms and nuances of your business and what’s at stake if we don’t deliver. We take ownership of the manufacturing process so you are free to pursue your other core duties.

Customer Service

Our expertise knows how to spot roadblocks before they become an issue. We work with you, ask questions, and do the right thing to keep your project on track.

Our manufacturing and filling services are full-suite and capable for projects big and small. We are set up to handle a wide range of product types, formulations, and packaging needs. From creams to tonics, tubes to tottles, we have the experts on hand to handle it.

Product Types

  • Lotions, creams
  • Shampoo, conditioners, body wash
  • Toothpaste, whiteners, mouthwash
  • Sanitizers, gels, ointments, and scrubs

virtually unlimited capacity across all facilities, with batch sizes ranging up to 6,000 gallons.


  • PLC controls
  • Counter rotating sweeps
  • Internal texture homogenizers

all tanks are sitting on load cells, are vacuum capable, and are jacketed for heating and cooling

Our in-house analytical and microbology labs offer you the peace of mind knowing that every product you outsource has the same high standards as you have in-house.

We are FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and validated to uphold your brand’s reputation.


USP testing, stability studies, environmental monitoring, water quality analyses, water system validations, sanitization validation
Tested For
Total aerobic microbial count, total yeast and mold count and specified organisms per USP

Analytical Chemistry

Raw Material Testing
Compendial analysis (including USP, FCC, EP), physicals, wet chemistry, chromatography analysis, and comprehensive raw material testing programs that are unique to each customer
Bulk & Finished Goods Release Testing
Quality checks of your product over multiple stages of the manufacturing process: in-process, finished bulk, and packaged product; active ingredient monitoring; physical testing (organoleptic, viscosity, specific gravity, density, pH, UV, IR, Karl Fisher); and analytical testing (active and preservative testing by chromatographic assays)

Experience that Moves Our Industry Forward

Experience that Moves Our Industry Forward

Experience that Moves Our Industry Forward

Our experience is rooted in handling complex formulations, unique ingredients, and expert product launches. We bring flexibility to your supply chain so you can remain focused on shifts in consumer demand.

Who We Are


The Bright Outlook
to Sun Care

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook sunscreen. Although it’s a pillar of the personal care industry, we often find ourselves forgetting the SPF until we head out to the pool or step onto the golf course. The truth is, we’re outdoors a lot more than we think.

Makers of opportunity

We bring seasoned experience and a level of trust that is unrivaled in any other contract manufacturer. Our workforce is a diverse, ambitious group of people ready to tackle challenges at every turn.