We are Makers
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We aren’t just contractors
We are true partners

For over 40 years, the world’s biggest brands have trusted Accupac to keep their supply chain scalable and their products on shelves. We take ownership of the manufacturing process so you can be free to focus on what matters most.

We manufacture, fill, and package a wide-range of consumer, over-the-counter, and personal care products.

Our team has unparalleled experience in personal care liquid manufacturing, providing CPG companies with the kind of flexibility they need in order to scale and remain competitive.

with Accupac, our capabilities become yours

Our wide-range of manufacturing and filling capabilities allow for projects big and small. From quarter ounce jars to large pumps and high viscosity liquid, we have the experience to handle all types of products.
Our in-house analytical and microbology labs offer you the peace of mind knowing that every product you outsource has the same high standards as you have in-house.
We are FDA registered, cGMP compliant, and validated to uphold your brand’s reputation.
Clients rely on Accupac’s expert team to put innovative spirit and know-how into everything we make. If there’s a speed bump in getting your product to market, we’ll engineer what’s needed to get the job done.

Our knowledge is what drives our business

Our experience is rooted in handling complex formulations, unique ingredients, and expert product launches. We bring flexibility to your supply chain so you can remain focused on shifts in consumer demand.

Who We Are

Makers of opportunity

We bring seasoned experience and a level of trust that is unrivaled in any other contract manufacturer. Our workforce is a diverse, ambitious group of people ready to tackle challenges at every turn.