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It’s All About Your Product

Accupac knows it isn’t “about us.” It’s about your product. It’s about quality, launch dates, on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness.

After over 30 years of outstanding liquid contract manufacturing, Accupac knows your satisfaction depends on these needs being met. While offering innovative solutions and stability, we take customer service to the next level. Whether it is simply returning a phone call when we say we will or by pledging the highest degree of quality assurance, our dedicated team takes pride in keeping promises and satisfying you, our customer.

WE’RE GROWING! We’ve doubled our manufacturing capacity with the addition of the Lakewood, NJ facility! The Lakewood facility has over 25 years of proven liquid contract manufacturing experience and a superior regulatory track-record. You can feel safe knowing the manufacturing of your products is in the best hands at Accupac. The Lakewood facility adds 221,000 square feet to our manufacturing capacity.

Accupac – Your Outstanding Partner of Choice

We are small enough to be a responsive and dedicated partner, but large enough to support the needs of Fortune 500 companies in the global martketplace. These businesses rely on us to be an extension of their own facilities and have made Accupac an outstanding partner of choice.

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Corporate Timeline

Also, look for us on the HAPPI, Contract Pharma, Food & Drug Packaging and GCI magazines and websites!

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The Accupac Promise:

Accupac promises you a rewarding partnership. We will quickly respond to all your questions and concerns with clear communication and appropriate action.

You will get nothing short of project management excellence when you entrust our capable team with your projects.

We promise to surpass your expectations with impeccable Quality Assurance systems.

Accupac promises to proactively anticipate your future needs by continually updating our processes, product formulation and research and development laboratories.

Accupac promises to manufacture your products with superior attention to detail.

We will rise to the challenge of your contract packaging needs with unique and cost-effective solutions in a timely manner. That is our promise.