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Doubling Our Capacity To Fill Your Growing Needs

Accupac manufactures, fills and packages a wide range of consumer commodity, over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription (Rx) products for the world’s largest pharmaceutical and consumer products companies.

ANNOUNCING ACCUPAC LAKEWOOD! Through the addition of our new plant in Lakewood, NJ, we’ve doubled our capacity, have new manufacturing capabilities and offer business continuity planning. We stay ahead of the curve and rise to the challenge of unique manufacturing and packaging needs such as innovative bottles, tubes and syringes and toothpaste striping capabilities.

Contingency Planning is an essential part of running your business. With the addition of the Lakewood facility, rest assured your product needs are covered should you need it.

Accupac gets your liquids, creams, lotions, pastes, ointments and gels to worldwide store shelves cost-effectively and on time. Our international capabilities — including specialized printing, packaging and shipping — can give your products the edge in the global marketplace.

Accupac offers:

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It is always strategically and fiscally wise to focus on core competencies. Accupac can handle your entire liquid contract manufacturing needs while you do just that. When you entrust us with the manufacturing of your product, we will care for its production from development to delivery. We know it is all about customer satisfaction—your satisfaction.

high volume lotion filling line

Accupac's high volume filling line for lotions and creams into bottles with pumps or caps